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The first time I met Probiotic Yogurt

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I was sitting in a refuge on the North face of Mont Blanc 4807m just after being benighted on a climb called Tour Ronde Ice Wall, it was rated as a 12hr climb and the difficulties just kept coming and coming, the lead climber was on the second rope said he knew the route, we were following the route in the guide book, we appeared not to be able to make the required change of course up a snow gully due to a large overhanging ice that did not look safe and was still on the outer wall, we were off course, now that was a problem, you see I was leading and I could not find a stand good enough to belay on to that he could lead through, well enough of the dramas, 16hrs it took us to get all 4 climbers to the top, we tied ourselves on to ice pitons and got into our packs with our sleeping bags and tried to keep warm, it gets pretty cold up there, as soon as it was light we moved down to the refuge, my splitting headache was part of altitude sickness and I knew we had to get lower, it took all day and the next to get off that mountain.

That night in the campsite I was sitting nursing my headache and trying to get a drink passed my festering lips at the same time keep my head still, because of the two large boils on my neck, my thighs were shivering and my calf muscles kept going into cramps.

A guy and his lady ambled over to talk about the ice climb Tour Ronde turned out he was a solo climber and wanted all the details, so I took him through our climb, his lady offered me a drink, it was smooth and nice, she also gave me a spoonful of honey dusted in Cumin, we went to bed early, I had a really good nights sleep and felt great the next morning, my boils had gone down and I had full use of my legs again.

Thinking of thanking our visitors from last night I looked around and found their tent was all closed up, he must have gone to do the Tour Ronde Ice wall, I was very disappointed because we were leaving at the end of the week and I wanted to know what was in the Yoghurt drink.

Two days later we heard that our friend had lost his life, he had died on that Ice wall, conditions were very tricky and the Ice had turned friable with a quick rise of temperature the part melted ice had a sort of honeycomb and he did not have enough long positions, as usual, we had an auction of his gear, I ask his lady about the yoghurt, she told me he had failed on K2 a few years ago, in his words he just ran out of energy and his Sherpa fed him a Yoghurt drink made from Yaks milk, to get him off that mountain, she said he had drunk it every day since that was not all the biggest shock was to find out he was over 60 years old and he looked at least 10 years younger.

I had forgotten about all this until I tried a Hi Probiotic Yoghurt drink and then I dug and dug till I found this recipe combining with Moringa oil Probiotic Cultures Vitamins C, D, & K and a few Extras, help your gut to renew the 20,000 Blood cells Skin Cells Iron, Trace metals your body needs to replace every day. Not only does yoghurt optimize gut flora, but it also has the ability to produce a protein called GcMAF (Gc protein macrophage activation factor). This specific protein is necessary to induce and optimize your innate immune system that is dampened in chronic disease states, it would appear that the bodies immune system is in desperate need of the Vitamins D3, K2 and a massive dose of vitamin C and Moringa Tea together with the GcMAF it relearns to fight problems that some vaccines appear to affect badly.

Yes, Great now to take it up the mountain into the jungle or on long hikes and over the hills down a pothole the problem was how do you stop it going off.

Freeze-Drying has solved that problem.

When you climb over 3,000 meters you are open to Altitude sickness, what no one tells you is the dormant antibodies in your system that are just waiting for your immune levels to drop hence the arrival of a cold sore when you have a bad cold.

The Moringa oil and the Hi Probiotic Yoghurt helps by reinforcing your own bodies immune system without the use of antibiotics.

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