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NMN & Moringa

Have you seen updates on NMN, they appear to be following the peer review papers that have been published this year 2020, we may have been in lock-down, but, all the labs appear to have such good controls they have be continuing the good work.

The particular thread that grabbed my attention expressed some doubt about NMN actions as it worked, did it clean up after its self? and what was that pathway?

As often the case in science the answer came from the other way around, it appeared in a peer review paper by a South Africa University on the Moringa Tree, (as most of you know without a doubt my favorite plant, "The Tree of Life").

It is still under investigation, but, the Uni of SA confirm that it would appear that NMN needs a little help and the leaves of dark green plants have it in abundance and the Moringa leaf is not only the best provided is is by several times better than Kayla, Watercress & Advercardo. (Its true there is vested interest, from the UN, they are trying to strengthen Moringa's case as the Tree of life because it is drought resistant and has the potential feed millions of starving people & cattle together with its many known herbal benefits).

Each day you break your fast, (As late, as you can go) make yourself a Moringa Green tea with a squirt of Lemon or Lime, sip your tea, then, onto the step exercise bike or rowing machine, warm up! then a mad crazy 5 min or until you are breathless, water, walk a round, then do it again, and just one more time.

Try not to snack, but, when you really must have something, grab one of our freeze dried smoothie packs, Fruit, Veggie or Moringa pods, (We pack them all full of Vitamins, Minerals & herbs) pore 1/2 the contents into your blender add a cup of fermented Kefir grains that you always have ready to cure your stomach upsets.

Our current latest product is 15g of NMN powder and a bag of Moringa tea leaves.

Coming soon

NMN in a F-D yogurt button, watch out for our new Freeze-Dried yogurt NMN (125mg) buttons ? bit sharp, but, they dissolved in your mouth and get to work the fastest possible way without going all the way thru your digestive system to be delivered.

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