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If you are following GcMAF.

One answer we like, is found on this website :

This is not the only one, with its own recipe, you can also watch GcMAF Yogurt being made on quite a few YouTube channels for making the yogurt at home and their recipe's are almost the same.

Before, you go leaping off, we, too agree with the Probiotic yogurt approach and if you can go to your supermarket / heath food website and make it yourself, then, go for it, and good luck.

On the other hand, if you are an hour away from a fridge, or you have a problem.

Living with "Brown or Black outs, Night off gen at 10pm live or work away from home, travelling, jungle trekking, hill walking, too busy. You / We have a problem. Your Yogurt will not keep fresh.

We at Abundant Nature have a solution.

It is in the form of a "snack bag", you can nibble it and it delivers a Probiotic enhanced yogurt, What do we mean by "Enhanced":

We add Colostrum Milk, Vitamin D3 & K2 & Probiotic 20-50 Bn Cultures.

After the yogurt has finished fermenting All the Sugar out,

We then add: (Just a little)

Some of these ingredients can stop the important fermentation process, so we wait.

Then add:

Extra Virgin Olive oil,

Moringa Oil, (Ben Oil) this is often taken separately as part of a diet.



Star Antis,

Then the Fruits:

Strawberry's, Cranberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Pineapple, Honeydew Melon,

Coconut, Mango. Banana.

Last but not least Chocolate with NO sugar (Stevia Sweetener)

You will love your Breakfast Yogurt and its doing you so much good.

Empty a cup of SPRING water in to your Nibbles Snack Pouch. Please do NOT use TAP water, Tap water has chlorine and fluoride in it, they will kill the good probiotics and Vitamin D3 & K4 we are trying to get into you gut. Just add the SPRING water and wait about 3-4 minutes for it to re-hydrate, then, enjoy your Breakfast Fruit Yogurt anywhere.

You may know that Cumin & Honey combine to make natures own antibiotic.

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GcMAF & Vitamin D

Studies have shown that people with the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood have the lowest likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer; this group enjoys a 22 percent lower risk compared to those who have the lowest levels of the vitamin. The findings were part of a large public health study in Japan involving more than 140,000 adults.

Researchers have also found a link between a vitamin D deficiency and depression. A meta-analysis conducted in 2013 showed that people with low levels of vitamin D had a significantly higher risk of depression, and it’s believed that this vitamin has an important role in brain function is behind the effect.

People who have the highest levels of vitamin D also have the longest telomeres. That might not mean much to you on the surface, but these DNA protein structures responsible for protecting our chromosomes are considered a marker of biological aging. Telomeres shorten as you age, and anything that stops them from shortening too rapidly can enhance your health. Longer telomeres protect your DNA, and vitamin D and its metabolites help to keep your telomeres long.

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