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At long last a little help with those red eye long haule flights

NO stands for Nitric Oxide

this is in the form of a face mask that contain Bone bearing sound transfer devices at strategic points on your head, just like your Bluetooth ear buds, they viabrate with sound of cricital frequencies that induce your caverties like sinus nasal, and the pituitary gland which is called the "Master Gland" because it directs a multitude of endocrine functions in the body.It regulates hormone activity in other endocrine glands and organs. Pituitary activity is regulated by hormones of the hypothalamus, a brain region connected to the pituitary by the pituitary stalk.; The pituitary is composed of an anterior and posterior lobe with an intermediate ...

This frequency viabration generates Nitric Oxide which relax your body, allowing you to sleep deeper, helps to reduce Deep vein thrombosis allowes recharging, and this has the effect of feeling recharged when you wake up.

If you are a frequent flyer you bless the day you purchased this product. and willalways willbe  fully ready for the task ahead.

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Nicola Tesla is often portrayed sitting deep in thought within an array of lightning, What was he thinking during those moments? Was, he the only one who knew, was he recharging his batteries, (we later learnt that he was, but, how?). Nitric Oxide can literally be a matter of life and death, according to Dr. Louis Ignarro, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998, for his work on the role of Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is considered a 'miracle molecule' and is essential to combat many conditions.
Abundant Nature is a Blue Zone Health Company our objective is to find natural products that do good for the poor. We found a natural answer by looking at things from a different angle. It has always been true that like everything, its obvious when you see and know the answer that was in plain view all the time.


Currently there are over 184,267 peer review papers focusing on Nitric Oxide that have been lodged with PubMed, they, deal with the effects of NO on every known illness, vital organs, body functions, but, no Drug company will ever deal with them because they are not a drug.

We get NO naturaly by;

  1. Eating and metabolism of inorganic nitrate found in green leafy vegetables and some root vegetables. Nitrate is absorbed in the gut and concentrated in our mouths, in our salivary glands. There are nitrate reducing bacteria that live in the crypts of our tongue that convert nitrate to nitrite and nitric oxide. Our saliva then becomes high in nitrite and when we swallow our own saliva, we get nitric oxide produced in the inside space of the stomach provided there is stomach acid. For this pathway to work, people must consume sufficient nitrate from their diet (300-400mg), must have the right oral bacteria and must have sufficient stomach acid production.

  2. Through an enzymatic reaction using L-arginine and the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS). This enzyme is found throughout the body, but primarily in the cells that line all blood vessels. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid, meaning that your body makes it through normal metabolism in the urea cycle and it is also found in many proteins we eat. When we eat protein and the protein is broken down into amino acids, L-arginine is provided to the body. Unless you have an inborn error in metabolism (which is extremely rare), then your body will always make enough L-arginine to produce NO. The reaction to convert L-arginine to nitric oxide is complex and complicated and requires many different co-factors and substrates. For this pathway to work, the NOS enzyme must be active and functional.

As part of the aging process, we make less Nitric Oxide. This is because the enzyme NOS becomes dysfunctional and no longer converts L-arginine to nitric oxide. This is termed endothelial dysfunction. The other problem is that most people do not consume sufficient vegetables to get enough nitrate. The typical diet only contains 150mg per nitrate per day. We know we need at least 300 mg of nitrate per serving to lead to any appreciable production of nitric oxide, provided the person has the right oral bacteria and stomach acid production.

There are literally hundreds of nitric oxide products on the market. These initial products contained L-arginine and/or L-citrulline. Body builders have been using supplements for years with a Plant based diet.

One of the top killers as you get older is plaque sticky corpusals and blocked artires and just when you need them your Nitric Oxide levels decline, up to now, you must change your diet, take drugs, have operations and its still going to kill you up until NOW!

It was found that a method of breathing through the nose and humming the out breath generates Nitric Oxide, for 1,000's of years diciple's have chanted and hummed, we now know they get a NO burst and come away feeling great. it takes a time to get it right and gain the full benefits. you can buy NO test sticks and watch the change and can see its doing you good.

This website only wishes to promote natural products it makes no claims, only to inform you of the best use of our product

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