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Delta Wave, Booster jabs,

what has come to light is that the virus has 3 routes into your body.


The "A" Route oral Up the nose or in through your mouth down in to your lungs,

where it replicates at an alarming rate.
The “B” route into the muscles
The “C” route from the the tissue into the blood stream.

You had you jabs! Then, you have B & C covered. With this version,

But, Route “A” has not been covered, and it would appear that the COVID-19 virus has more spike proteins that are not covered by the B & C anti proteins and these are on their way into your lungs. What also appears is that previously vaccinated people are now carriers and spreaders, your only defence is your mask, but the virus is too small and can pass thru to the mucus in your nose and down into your lungs.

There is a defence, that is a nasal spray, it is possible to lodge within the fabric of the mask well know antiviral natural products that ambush pathogens as they are drawn thru the mask, also there is a nasal spray that a quick puff each nostril will kill these pathogens.When you get out of the environment , you can spray every few hours, AN spray is not very strong, it does not need to be, and you will be pleased to know in over 50 years use it has never harmed or has any ill side effects  


MSM DMSO Wipe away pain Bio-Availability Colloidal Silver
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The Second invisible immune system
Metalloproteins Bezter™ 0.35
Nanosilver 10PPM
Biocidal agent with antimicrobial properties
Anti Viral Antiseptic antibacterial
Hand sanitiser for the nose,
& air passage to lungs
If you have a tickle then

spray up your nose
Every 4hrs For 72hrs to
Reduce the viral load.
Not a Drug all active ingredients are natural,
each puff, is less than of
0.5% active components per kg
suspended in Sodium Chloride Irrigation
No able to overdose,
No Known ill effects over 50 years,
can sting or sparkle inside your nose
to attack virus But soon fades.


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